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Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Description of the motor structure of the magnetic grinder

The structure of the magnetic motor of the magnetic grinder
The utility model reveals the structure of a sensational motor equipped with a magnetic grinder, which contains a sensational motor device on the sensational bed of the magnetic grinder, and is equipped with a sensational pain block at both ends of the sensational motor shaft. When making the sensational motor shaft perpendicular to the base surface of the sensational motor device, the sensational motor device is placed on the sensational bed. The utility model not only has the benefits of reducing the height of the magnetic grinder and reducing the volume of the magnetic grinder, but also has the benefit of being able to advance the processing power and the advance processing effect of the grinding machine. The experimental research has confirmed that the selection of the utility model can strengthen the right The tumbling effect of enterprise materials can greatly reduce the working time of grinding and polishing processing, and advance the grinding and polishing effect of material management products. The utility model can increase the processing volume of various materials and shorten the processing capacity of various materials under the condition of using equal power motors. The grinding and polishing time of the material improves the product quality and the early working power, and greatly reduces the production cost.

Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Magnetic polishing machine