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About Guangu Technology Company

Guangu Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. produces magnetic deburring and polishing equipment. No matter what the workpiece or part is, during the processing or various reasons, there are many burrs and machining marks on the part itself, which is the application of mechanical parts Quality will have a big impact, so it needs to be removed scientifically.

Deburring and precision deburring are very important steps in precision machining. The use of Guangu magnetic deburring and polishing machine promotes the forced flow of parts and abrasives in the process of work rotation and autobiography, so as to implement surface precision grinding of parts. The deburring machine has no bumps during polishing, and the thrown parts have high precision without changing the geometrical dimensional accuracy. After finishing polishing, the surface of the workpiece can be mirror-bright. The appearance and feel are significantly improved, which is a polishing effect that cannot be achieved by some manual polishing or imported polishing equipment.

About Guangu Technology Company

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