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Magnetic polishing machine

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Model: GG8620

Brand: Guangu

Product Name: Magnetic Polishing Machine

Power supply: AC380V(50\60HZ)16A

Equipment size: 7407001088

Grinding tank size: 450*450

Motor power: 3.0KW*1

Machine weight: 188KG

Operation mode: forward and reverse

Maximum processing capacity: 10-12KG



Magnetic polishing machine_Guangu magnetic polishing machine_Magnetic grinding and polishing machine_Guangu magnetic polishing machine GG8620

Magnetic polishing machine

Features of Guangu Magnetic Polishing Machine:

1. Removal of burrs, chamfers, burrs, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work of metal workpieces can be completed at one time

2. Irregular metal parts, holes, pipes, dead corners, gaps, etc. can be ground and processed

3. Magnetic polishing, grinding and cleaning speed is fast, simple and safe operation, low cost

4. The finished workpiece will not be deformed after polishing and grinding, and will not affect the accuracy

5. Guangu magnetic polishing machine has a complete range of models, and special polishing equipment can be customized.

Additional information

Weight 188 kg
Dimensions 740 × 700 × 1088 cm