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Magnetic deburring polishing machine

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Model: GG8720

Brand: Guangu

Product Name: Magnetic deburring polishing machine

Power supply: AC380V(50\60HZ)16A

Equipment size: 8408101080

Grinding tank size: 620*620

Motor power: 4.0KW*1

Grinding machine weight: 218KG

Operation mode: forward and reverse

Maximum processing capacity: 15-18KG



Magnetic polishing machine_magnetic grinding and polishing machine_Guangu magnetic polishing machine_Guangu magnetic polishing machine GG8720

Magnetic deburring polishing machine

Guangu magnetic polishing machine breaks through the traditional vibration polishing concept. It uses magnetic field force to drag the magnetic stainless steel needle to produce rapid rotation movement, so as to achieve multiple effects such as deburring, polishing and washing. The product summarizes a large amount of practical experience and is carefully designed. The magnetic field is evenly distributed, the magnetic field drag force is automatically forward and reverse, the polishing effect is more uniform, the surface of the object is smoother, and the product effect far exceeds that of similar domestic products! In addition, this product has a very high cost performance, can completely replace similar imported products, and is the first choice for saving labor costs and improving work efficiency! This product adopts high-quality magnet hinge transmission and single-chip control, with perfect motor protection. Model specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Weight 238 kg
Dimensions 840 × 800 × 1088 cm