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Jewelry polishing machine

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this machine is suitable for grinding and polishing non-magnetic metals such as platinum, gold, silver, stainless steel, etc.

Model: GG-8100

Product Name: Jewelry Polishing Machine

Power supply: AC220V(50\60HZ)10A

Equipment size: 210*210*300

Grinding tank size: 135*100

Machine weight: 18KG

Operation mode: forward and reverse

Maximum processing capacity: 1KG



The superior performance of the magnetic grinding and polishing machine is that it uses imported magnets to drive the disk. This magnet has strong magnetic force and is durable. When the disk is in a state of speed-regulated rotation, the multiple eddy current-shaped magnetic lines of force can make the magnetic polishing needle in the container. It can rotate independently at high speed during revolution and at the same time. Compared with the general unidirectional magnetic line of force polishing machine, the friction rate between the magnetic needle and the workpiece is increased several times. Especially for workpieces with complex shapes and many gaps, it can fully reflect the uniqueness of this machine. Effectiveness,

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Weight 20 kg