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Magnetic polishing machine GG8520

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Guangu magnetic polishing machine is a new type of polishing and deburring equipment that is improved on the shortcomings and defects of traditional polishing and deburring machines. It can make the inner holes, dead corners and small gaps of precision hardware workpieces achieve obvious polishing and deburring effects.
The magnetic field of the magnetic polishing machine is evenly distributed, high-frequency rotating motion, the polishing effect is more uniform, the surface of the object is smoother, and the cleaning effect can also be achieved. Magnetic grinding/magnetic polishing has no dead corners, so that all parts are completely ground;

Precision small special-shaped parts and irregular parts: removal of burrs (burrs, batching), polishing, cleaning, chamfering, and surface hardness enhancement are completed at the same time;

The minimum size of magnetic grinding steel needle is ф0.2mm*3mm, which can precisely grind irregular parts such as holes, pipes, gaps, dead angles, right angles, and threads of metal parts;

During the grinding process, the metal workpieces will not collide with each other, the product will not be deformed after magnetic grinding, will not affect the accuracy, and will not damage the surface of the workpiece; the magnetic polishing equipment has strong operating stability and high efficiency;

Guangu magnetic grinding speed is fast, the average grinding time is about 3 minutes to 15 minutes, and the workpiece replacement efficiency is fast, and the workpiece can be replaced during the operation of the magnetic polishing machine;

The body of the crown ancient magnetic polishing machine is waterproof and moisture-proof design, simple and safe to operate, no technical requirements, and can be operated by one person and multiple machines

Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Magnetic polishing machine

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