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Operating Regulations of Magnetic Polishing Machine

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The operation points of Guangu magnetic polishing machine
1: Before starting the magnetic polishing, be sure to clean up the grease on the surface of the workpiece. The polishing fluid cannot remove a large amount of grease, otherwise the workpiece, polishing needle, water, and polishing bucket may become black.
2: Cleaning fluid must be used when cleaning magnetic polishing needles and polishing barrels.

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods of magnetic polishing machine
1: The magnetic polishing bucket is leaking, and the bottom of the polishing bucket has a magnetic polishing needle that can be removed with pliers, and some glue
2: The timer does not flash, and the start switch is not pressed, and the timer can be timed by pressing it.
3: Please change the water in time when the water in the magnetic polishing bucket is overheated (the normal water temperature range is controlled within 50°C).
4: The magnetic polishing machine vibrates greatly. Check whether each corner of the machine is in the force position, and adjust the height of the Fuma wheel.
5: The indication is normal, but the machine does not work, check whether the voltage is lower than 220V; whether the magnetic polishing needle is placed excessively.

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