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Magnetically ground steel needle

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Magnetic steel needles have a diameter of 0.2-2MM to choose from, and a length of 3-15MM to choose from



Magnetic grinding steel needles, also called magnetic needles, are mainly used in magnetic polishing machines. The magnetic steel needle is made of high-quality imported stainless steel and is made of special SUS magnetization. It can be used for a long time. According to the requirements of the product, there are different models to choose from. To
After most customers have purchased a magnetic polishing machine, it is not easy to make a decision on the choice of magnetic needles during grinding.
The choice of magnetic needle is mainly based on the quality standard of the appearance of your product. The coarser the steel needle, the grinding time will be shorter, but the surface will be thicker. On the contrary, the grinding time of fine steel needles will be longer. If your workpiece has more dead angles, the fine steel needles will be ground better. Relatively speaking, the polished surface will be smoother and feel better.

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