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Translational magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic grinding machine The process of removing burrs from brass

Nowadays, many brass manufacturers have given a lot of related problems with copper parts, such as: several common reasons that lead to the damage of the copper sleeve
The three commonly used materials for making copper sleeves, the casting process of brass and copper sleeves, etc., but only how to remove burrs, welding spots, and oxidation after casting has been plagued these companies.
I will tell you how to solve this problem easily. I must have heard of a magnetic polishing machine or a magnetic grinder. Although there are many kinds of them, today I will talk about a new type of equipment. Called magnetic eddy current grinder
The magnetic eddy current grinding machine is a kind of self-produced a large number of vortices. The metal workpiece is constantly rotating in the vortex and colliding with the magnetic needle, so as to achieve the effect of deburring and polishing.

Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

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The operating points of the magnetic eddy current grinding machine are
1. Before starting, be sure to clean the grease on the surface of the workpiece
2. Cleaning the magnetic polishing needle and polishing must use cleaning fluid at the same time
3. When working fully automatically, if you need to replace the workpiece, be sure to wear protective gloves
Applicable products for magnetic eddy current grinding machine
Magnetic eddy current grinding machine is not only effective for copper parts, magnetic eddy current grinding machine is also suitable for CNC machining parts, aluminum-magnesium-zinc parts, titanium alloy parts, etc.
The above is the brass deburring process introduced by Guan Gu!