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The working principle of Guangu magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic grinding machine to free manual hands to improve efficiency

Once upon a time if we want to polish words honestly is still difficult to control, because polishing is attributed to a craft, not we just a little I probably a random technology can perhaps finish. Polishing is not only on the level of skill is very high, all the way on all the circumstances of the demand is also very high, so we want to achieve a polishing results, then the need to do a lot of things, for example, we mainly need to have a good polishing master, which is also the key identity of the unified polishing things to win, a lot of workshops in the original that is the lack of such a A master, so polishing things have always been difficult to have any breakthrough. Another thing is that we must have our own polishing technology, because the polishing process is not the same for the same goods, so we must have a knowledge of our own goods, the polishing of our own goods needs, as long as we can perhaps do a good job of polishing things.

However, we are now we do not develop the need can be so a complicated, because so we have a magnetic grinding machine, then we will look at the following the advantages of China’s magnetic grinding machine

The main organizations are.

Main electromechanical drive structure, pulley system with rotating body, disc reversing rotating body with planetary drive, drum
syringe system with rotating stock drum, streptococcal wheel reducer structure, control system and stabilization system operation. Main things.
Two or four hexagonal rollers are mounted equally spaced on the circumference of the rotating body. On the one hand, the drum rotates with the rotation of the rotating body; on the other hand, under the action of the sprocket system
Magnetic Grinder

rollers rotate around their own axis (reverse rotation).

Due to the movement of the magnetic grinder, the material inside the drum is always kept on the outside of the inner wall of the drum and a moving layer is created on the surface.
Within this corporate flow layer, the influence is generated between the grinding stone and the workpiece relative to the economic activity, and the workpiece is held on the appearance of slender cutting, kneading, so that the appearance of the workpiece does not obtain a bright finish.
Close-up: 1. Parts and polishing media are mutually ground and polished by planetary rolling and centrifugal motion in both revolution and rotation. Figure 2. practical batch of small and medium-sized parts, suitable for different shape hole workpiece and heat treatment, improve work efficiency 10ー20 times 3. lined with rubber or polyurethane (pu) hexagonal drums, synchronous belt drive, items safe, low noise;. Built-in 2 or 4 hexagonal drums for lateral assembly, can replace the polyurethane inner drum, drum set can be replaced, does not affect the host when something
Stable change of magnetic mill.
1. the volume of working objects in each drum (workpiece, grinding stone, water, etc.) does not exceed three-fourths of the drum volume

2. the ratio of workpiece to grinding stone is 1:1 – 1:5 for weekdays and 1:10 for fine grinding. the specific workpiece should be determined after testing.

3. In principle, the duration of the sample event is approximately 1 hour. If a continuous event is deemed necessary, the temperature of the heat-resistant boundary line of the rubber lining in the drum should not exceed 80°C.The interval of about 1 hour can replace water and abrasive before continuous development to hold some things.

4. 2 or 4 rollers are loaded with the same amount, due to overloading or different loading, it will produce imbalance and hazard, and preventive measures should be taken.

5. When loading into a workpiece, the roller cover as well as through the roller edge cost when there is debris caught between, because of poor sealing, in the development of things will continue to produce a lot of splash, so put a steady flush clean.

Magnetic polishing machine manufacturers

Magnetic polishing machine manufacturers