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Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Magnetic grinding machines are widely used in the grinding and polishing of large, medium and small high-precision parts

Magnetic grinder This equipment is widely used for grinding and polishing, deburring, chamfering, rust removal, descaling, electroplating pretreatment, and removal of machining tool marks of large, medium and small high-precision parts. Deburring equipment is grinding and polishing, with new functions of polishing, brightening and cleaning.

Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Magnetic polishing machine manufacturers

Deburring equipment has been widely used in the mass production and processing of large, medium and small parts, completely replacing the outdated traditional grinding and polishing process, and the grinding and polishing efficiency and benefits have been significantly improved.

Deburring equipment and the appearance of polishing and polishing objects, so the type and characteristics of brush filaments should be determined according to different requirements. If a strong thick steel plate must be electroplated and polished on the outside, the ideal brush wire should be bronze wire. If you use general metal data for rust removal, sanding, and polishing, you can use a stronger steel wire.

The demand for magnetic grinding machine equipment industry is quite large; compared with the current market, the sales volume has increased steadily. The current research work of machine tools mainly includes: machine tool green planning skills research, machine tool reconfigurable skills research, machine tool life cycle development skills research, Dongxi company’s machine tool cleaner production skills research, CNC machine tool energy-saving skills research, and improvement of CNC machine tool accuracy and functions. Further improve the machining accuracy of parts and blanks and reduce data consumption research.