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Magnetic deburring polishing machine

New Technology Application of Electromagnetic Field Grinding and Polishing-Magnetic Polishing Machine

Grinding and precision grinding and polishing are key steps in precision machining. Using a magnetic polishing machine to remove processing burrs and knife marks is a new technology application of electromagnetic field grinding and polishing.

For small product workpieces, the probability of this pressure point asymmetry is much smaller than that of large product workpieces, and the tension of small product workpieces when lying flat is not so great.

Magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic polishing machine

Because the grinding range of large-product workpieces is much larger than that of small-product workpieces, it is obvious that the grinding discs and weights used are much larger. When the large product workpiece is fixed and pressurized, if the stress is slightly unbalanced, the tension will be greater and cracks will easily occur. The magnetic polishing machine is gradually improving, and many companies and enterprises have implemented new grinding machinery and equipment.

Concept: cost saving, fast speed and simple operation. The magnetic polishing machine breaks the traditional idea of ​​grinding and polishing, and uses the magnetic force to drag the stainless steel needle to grind the material to produce rapid rotation, thereby achieving multiple functions such as deburring, polishing, and cleaning with the magnetic grinding machine. The magnetic polishing machine can quickly remove burrs and stains from precision products, and there is no collision between deburring and polishing. The precision of throwing parts is high, and the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy are unchanged. After polishing, the surface of the product workpiece can be as bright as a mirror.