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Copper surface treatment

Copper parts polishing and cleaning

Mobile phone accessories polishing, cleaning and deburring

Deburring of copper parts

Communication parts polishing, cleaning and deburring

Polishing, cleaning and deburring of electronic parts

Guangu Magnetic Polishing has a good effect on the polishing, cleaning and deburring of various communication parts, communication parts, mobile phone parts, and other electronic parts.
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Best Of Our service

Factory direct sale

Complete specifications and models

A good after-sales service

Why Choosing Us

8 Years of Experience

Deeply cultivated in the surface treatment equipment of precision metal parts

Licensed & Insured

The company is a formal and legal manufacturing enterprise

Honest & Dependable

The company has 4 R & D personnel, all kinds of technical workers 8 people

Customer Feedback

Long warranty, trustworthy

“We bought their equipment in 2017, and there is no quality problem with the equipment so far. Very good equipment!“

Long warranty, trustworthy

- Foreign trade companies

Perfect service

“From the purchase of equipment to delivery, to installation, Guangu Technology has done it very intimately and is very satisfied with their services.”

John DOE


high efficiency

Guangu magnetic polishing machine perfectly solves the polishing process problem of my product”

Dwayene Martin

- Deburring of copper parts


I searched for a lot of crafts, but failed to solve the product burr problem, and Guangu magnetic polishing machine did it, which was a pleasant surprise to me.

Jessica Jung

- Singer