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Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

The development specification of China’s magnetic polishing machine

In recent years, the planning and production level of magnetic polishing machines in my country has been continuously improved, and magnetic polishing machines have been widely used in various industries. Now the production of magnetic polishing machine has reached a new level. At present, foreign magnetic deburring machine technology is slightly ahead of international technology. The technology of the first magnetic deburring machine is basically in the United States, Britain and Germany, and the product automation level has reached the iconic requirements. High speed and high output value of magnetic polishing machine is the policy of magnetic polishing machine manufacturers for many years. The output value of foreign manufacturers is much higher than that of international magnetic deburring machines. The international demand for this is increasing. Magnetic polishing machine planning innovation, processing technology, automatic control, etc. have been developed for a long time.

Generally speaking, there are two sources of abrasive grains with abrasive effects, one is from the continuous application of free abrasives, and the other is to fix the abrasive grains in the grinding disc. This method is often called fixed abrasives. This project will plan a double-sided three-dimensional grinding mechanism. It not only solves the defects of traditional grinding processing power, high processing cost, processing accuracy and quality instability, but also improves the level of grinding skills, guarantees grinding accuracy and processing quality, significantly reduces processing costs, and improves processing Power makes grinding skills more practical. Grinding is the main processing method. It refers to the process of applying abrasive tools to the surface of the workpiece through abrasives to stop the micro-machining process. Grinding is characterized by high machining accuracy and quality. In addition, it handles a wide range of data, so it can handle any solid data.

Magnetic deburring polishing machine

Magnetic deburring polishing machine

Stainless steel is widely used. For example, the pins and card slots of mobile phones are made of stainless steel. Compared with aluminum and copper, stainless steel is harder, so there are not so many restrictions on polishing. A variety of machines can be selected, but the details depend on the size of the stainless steel workpiece and the level of external brightness.

Now let’s talk about how to use a magnetic grinding machine. If we usually polish, we can choose more magnetic grinders. What are the advantages? 1. Compared with manual polishing, it saves time, effort and cost. 2. It can be processed in high-power batches.