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Magnetic deburring polishing machine

What are the four application skills of magnetic deburring machine

Magnetic deburring machine

Magnetic deburring machine is mainly used for precision polishing of various parts, motorcycle parts, textile machinery, precision casting, casting, stamping, tension springs, structural parts, bearings, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, wall clocks, electronic components, standard parts , Hardware, things and other small parts. During use, customers should pay attention to magnetism.

Magnetic deburring polishing machine

Magnetic deburring polishing machine

Four application skills of deburring machine:

First of all, the magnetic deburring machine chooses advanced frequency active tracking technology, and develops skin texture processing, magnetic deburring machine, skin texture processing, and active ultrasonic EDM mold polishing machine.

Secondly, the general strengthening layer of tungsten steel layer is adopted to reduce friction resistance, improve mechanical accuracy, improve cutting performance, and extend service life.

In addition, a magnetic deburring machine is used to fix parts and fixtures in regular directions and apply pressure to the abrasive. The extrusion honing machine has two opposing grinding cylinders, which clamp parts or fixtures when closed.

Then, the grinding abrasive is extruded from one cylinder to another, and the grinding effect occurs on the boundary part of the part. After pre-adjusted stroke direction and preset honing times, the parts are ground, polished and deburred.