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Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

What is Magnetic Deburring Technology?

Burrs are a relatively big problem for manufacturers. For mobile phone manufacturers, although burrs are small, they also affect the quality of products; especially in recent years, as the requirements for product appearance have become higher, burrs on products The problem has also been paid attention to, and there are many deburring methods. The traditional deburring methods include manual deburring, freezing deburring, liquid nitrogen deburring, sand blasting and dry ice deburring, etc. Let’s now understand what magnetic deburring technology is.

Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Magnetic polishing machine manufacturers

Before we understand magnetic deburring, we need to know what is magnetic force?
Magnetic force is the force of a magnetic field on a magnet and current placed in it. The magnetic force is the propagation of the electromagnetic field, the speed of the electromagnetic field is the speed of light, and the speed of the magnetic force is also the speed of light. Since its nature is still unclear, it is still unknown whether a magnetic black hole exists, and no sufficiently strong magnetic field has been observed. And if magnetism cannot bend space-time, magnetic black holes will not be formed.
The magnetic deburring machine uses the Yang’s magnetic field for polishing and cleaning. The magnetic deburring machine itself generates an electromagnetic field and transmits it to the magnetic needle to rub against the workpiece in the magnetic field to achieve the effect of polishing and cleaning. The magnetic deburring machine has a wide range of applications. , High efficiency, does not damage the workpiece, does not affect the precision, and saves the cost of the enterprise.
The above is some small knowledge of magnetic deburring machine