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Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

What to do if the die-casting mold is not accurate? Easy solution with magnetic polishing machine

Most domestic die-casting companies are troubled by the inaccuracy of die-casting molds. In order to overcome this difficulty, the company’s managers and engineers searched all the mold manufacturers, and they were all discouraged by this problem. Indeed, large and small burrs are not only labor intensive, but also some burrs are difficult to deburr manually.

However, the magnetic polishing machine can easily solve this problem.

Magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic polishing machine

The magnetic polishing grinder can efficiently and conveniently remove the defects, particles and other foreign objects on the surface of the paint. Small size, light weight, and good performance. Because the magnetic polishing machine adopts the principle of universal magnetic field, it is not easy to cause accidental damage and excessive polishing during the grinding, polishing, and deburring process, and it will not leave any defects or particles after grinding.

The magnetic polishing machine uses super magnetic transmission to drive the tiny grinding steel needles to produce high eddy and floating, vibration, reversal and tumbling, sliding across the surface of the workpiece, rubbing the inner hole, inner and outer teeth and surface of the workpiece, as well as the uneven surface, to achieve clean, Increase the oily impurities, remove burrs, grinding and other precision polishing effects!