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Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Which is better, magnetic polishing machine or barrel polishing machine? What are the advantages?

Which is better, magnetic polishing machine or barrel polishing machine? For gold and silver jewelry, magnetic polishing machines and drum polishing machines are relatively better than magnetic polishing machines, but magnetic polishing machines are relatively more expensive than drum polishing machines.

The magnetic polishing machine uses strong electromagnetic force to drive the tiny grinding steel needle, so that the polishing also produces high eddy and floating, reversing and rolling. The steel needle gently slides across the surface of the workpiece, and rubs on the inner hole, inner and outer teeth and surface of the workpiece. , So as to achieve the precise polishing effect of cleaning, removing oily impurities, removing burrs and grinding.

Guangu Magnetic Deburring Polishing Machine

Magnetic polishing machine manufacturers

The magnetic polishing machine transmits to the stainless steel needle, the grinding needle and the grinding material through the magic magnetic field; it produces the high-frequency rotation movement that entrains the workpiece; it achieves the effect of deburring, polishing and cleaning after the final precision workpiece is polished.

The magnetic polishing machine has the advantages of automation, intelligence, easier operation, more uniform polishing effect, smoother surface, and the polishing effect is far superior to similar products! It is the best choice to save manpower and improve work efficiency!

Traditional polishing machines use stone-shaped abrasives or steel balls, so they cannot clean and polish internal holes, concave and convex surfaces, dead corners, and internal and external threads. It can only be surface treatment. Polishing time is slow and usually takes several hours to complete.